Ching Yi Technology Pte Ltd originally started in 1989 as Ching Yi Crafting has made a remarkable achievement and set a milestone in precision parts for Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Pioneered with a vision to be a respectable world-class leader in Precision Engineering, it provides high quality precision parts and services globally. Ching Yi Technology Pte Ltd boasts a proud customer base from Singapore , Malaysia , Indonesia , Thailand , Philippines , Taiwan , China , United States , and Europe .

Ching Yi Technology Pte Ltd believes in improving the quality by improving its professional and efficient engineering production process. It also believes that quality is a continuous process and not an event.

Contributing to the client’s requirement through active participation in generating ideas to enhance the product is the ideal of Ching Yi Technology’s engineering team.

Expanding our experience and expertise from SMT Nozzles, AI Parts to dispensing needles, customised precision solutions and contract manufacturing has been a long success story for Ching Yi Technology Pte Ltd. It provides the broadest selection available combined with the best quality. Ching Yi Technology Pte Ltd greatly surpasses its competition in cost, productivity, and performance.

Presenting you a wide range of SMT nozzles and replacement parts for various machines including but not limited to CAMELOT, CITIZEN, CKD, FUJI, JUKI, KME, PANASERT, SAMSUNG, SANYO, SONY, TDK, TENRYU, TESCON & YAMAHA.

The strong and encouraging support from our renowned clientele has ensured our success today. We strive to further expand our capabilities to support them in their unique and specific requirements. This explains the prominent reason for our high customer retention rate.

The core philosophy behind the company is “To exceed what others can do, achieve what others can’t”.

"To exceed what others can do, achieve what others can't"


We continue to strive for excellence in terms of product quality, competitive pricing, and after sales service to exceed customer expectations. Besides giving our customers uncompromised priority, we emphasize on quick delivery and always continue to improve our management, marketing, and manufacturing process. We continue to believe that satisfied customers are our greatest asset.


We have a group of committed and competent engineers involved in product Research and Development (R&D), participate in co-designing with customer and manufacturing process.

For every project, the engineering team discusses the product development process. This discussion includes the type of machines used, most efficient process to develop the product, and so forth. This ensures in saving time, cost, and reducing the rejection ratio.

We focus on these procedures to guarantee the increase in productivity and quality of our products.


Apart from our strength in engineering capabilities, we also have an aggressive Sales & Marketing team in our Headquarters (Singapore) that branches out to the overseas representative offices and distributors globally. Our reach covers USA, Europe, Russia, and the Asia regions.  Our team has expertise to advice on technical solutions to manufacturing and engineering issues for all types of industries.


Holding an ISO 9001 certification provides concrete evidence of our dedication to excel in performing our services.

Maintaining a high quality standard, our Quality Assurance (QA) department conducts stringent inspection for all the Nozzles. Our entire production passes 100% Visual Inspection (VI). The tools used for QA inspection are Measuring Microscopes, Micrometers, Profile Projector, Dial Gauges, Vernier Calipers, and Height Gauges.

Inspection criteria are based on customer’s specification namely, dimensioning, surface coating and finishing on sharp edge, burr, etc. It is ensured that every defective part is removed immediately from production site and sent back to the respective engineer for failure analysis before scrap.