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QC Facilities – Ching Yi Technology Pte Ltd

QC Facilities

Measuring Equipment

– Video Measuring Machine(Multi-sensor) PJG-400V
– Rockwell Hardness Tester-TH500 (Bench)
– Trimos V304+ height gauge (300mm)
– Trimos V5-400 height gauge (400mm)
– Intec Precision Measuring Equipment
– MITUTOYO Digital Micrometer
– MITUTOYO Toolmaker microscope
– MITUTOYO Vernier Caliper
– Pin Gauge
– Slip Gauges
– Sylvac Z-CAL3000 Digital height gauge (300mm)
– Thread Gauges
– Vacuum Pump

Visual Inspection Equipment

– Bausch & Lomb
– Leica M26 Scope
– Leica Wild M3B Scope
– Meiji
– Opus