Solve Your Dispensing Problems

Ching Yi Technology Pte Ltd manufactures a wide range of needles engineered and designed specifically for dispensing applications. The needles are superior in terms of material flow and lifespan, thereby reducing needle clogging and costs involved.


Specifically engineered internal profile for consistent material flow. Conically chamfered needle tip ensures better material release. Precision concentricity to a tolerance of +/-0.005mm. Accurate dispensing of material. Available from 13G to 30G with various ID and OD.


Dispensing accuracy

Excellent precision

Quality raw materials enhance durability

Internal profile engineered for consistent material flow

Material-and-application matching to ensure compatibilty

Customised designs (footed, unfooted designs and more)

Conically chamfered needle tips for better material release

Precision concentricity to a tolerance of +/-0.005mm

Reduced clogging and increased lifespan reduce costs


Accurate Precise
Durable Consistent
Compatible Customisable
Chamfered Concentric
Cost Savings


Audio Speaker Assembly
Button Battery Filling
CSP & BGA Package Filling
Cream Solder Dispensing
Gasket Sealing
Light Detector Assembly
Resin Encapsulation
Resin Molding
and more…

MATERIALS Dispensable

Adhesives Anaerobics
Cyanoacrylates Epoxies
Lubricants Silicones
Solder Pastes and more…

GAUGES Available

13G to 30G
ID various
OD various